February 9: Dr. Margaret Black, WSU. Dr. Black has competed in the Iditerod 3 different years. She will share her adventures.

March: Cynthia Faux, will speak on Disaster Preparedness. Cynthia has responded to Hurricane Katrina and the World Trade Center disasters. 


MEETINGS EACH MONTH AT - Lancer Lanes, 1250 Bridge St, Clarkston
Dinner always optional / plenty of parking / handicapped access / open to the public
December 8, 2015 - 7 pm



81st & 82nd Annual Lewiston Cluster AKC Dog Shows
April 22-25 , 2016    8:00 - 5:00
Nez Perce County Fairgrounds

Show: FREE    
$5 parking fee (for the great students we hire to direct parking)

Conformation, Obedience, Rally Obedience

Conformation Classes -

January 16 - March 5, each Saturday, 10-12am Conformation ( how to show a purebred dog at an AKC dog show ) Mixed breed dogs accepted for training purposes. Obedience training, proof of vaccinations, training collar and 6 foot leash required. Taught by local successful dog owner/handlers who learned the hard way! Ages 8 to 100+ and handicapped persons successfully show dogs regularly. YOU can do this!   

Obedience Training Classes - Wednesdays 6:30, YWCA (300 Main Street)
     Call YWCA (208-743-1535) to register! All dogs required to have proof of vaccinations for this class. Metal choke/training collar and 6 foot leash needed for each class.

Rally Obedience Classes
- A minimum of 4 dogs must be registered through the YWCA to hold this class. Classes are held at the YWCA (300 Main Street) after Obedience class on Wednesday nights (approx. 7:15). Call YWCA (208-743-1535) to register! All dogs required to have proof  of vaccinations and have successfully completed an Obedience class. A metal choke/training collar and a 6 foot leash. Positive training with NO bait or treats needed for this class. Rally-O could be considered "taking your dog for a walk with obstacles". Both dogs and handlers enjoy this active participation class. Excellent for handicapped individuals with obedience trained dogs.

Canine Good Citizen Testing - CGC is an AKC title. Both mixed breed dogs registered with AKC in the PAL or ILP programs and purebred dogs must pass a series of obedience based tests to complete the requirements. Dogs must have CGC to be tested for Therapy Dog International, Delta Society and other Therapy Dog registries. Classes and Testing for CGC will be held when requested.



Please call the YWCA  208-743-1535 for registration and schedules:
Obedience classes
Rally Obedience classes
Canine Good Citizen (CGC) classes and testing
Conformation classes
Ring Steward classes