About Us

Lewis-Clark Kennel Club was established in 1947 to promote interest in the sport of purebred dogs by providing educational and social activities. LCKC is a non-profit organization governed by the rules and regulations of The American Kennel Club.

These activities include:
AKC Dog Shows - www.infodog.com

Rally & Obedience Trials
Sanctioned Puppy Matches
Canine Good Citizen Testing

Educational Meetings

Pet Education 

Classes for:
Obedience / Rally Obedience
Basic Agility
Ring Stewards 
Canine Good Citizen

Other public activities such as
Good Dog - Better Dog Obedience Classes
4-H Youth Programs

Our Fund Raisers Support:
Lewiston All Breed Dog Show & Obedience Trials
WSU and Veterinary Student Scholarships
YWCA and YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter
Lewis-Clark Animal Shelter

Nez Perce County Canine Unit

LCKC promotes educational programs concerning the health and welfare of purebred and mixed breed dogs. We actively monitor and support legislation to protect responsible pet ownership. We endeavor to assist owners and future owners with any questions they may have concerning their breed. We support the AKC Canine Good Citizen program and encourage testing. We support responsible purebred breeding, breed rescue and encourage spay/neuter of mixed breed and shelter dogs. Members belong to Breed Clubs and provide information concerning those breeds. LCKC promotes regular veterinary check ups, current vaccinations, safe, clean and comfortable housing plus adequate water, food, shade and warmth for all pets.  

The general membership meets the second Tuesday of every month to discuss plans for future events. On occasion, the meetings include guest speakers and films as well as items of interest to dog owners such as legislation, nutrition and medical advances.